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The Flagship Domain for all things Electronic Dance Music, EDM.com serves as a single, intuitive source for listeners, artists, and fans to access all EDM-related content, world-wide. Rapidly positioning itself as the single-most influential publication for one of the greatest rising cultural trends, EDM.com provides a one-stop location for the best new music, relevant industry news, popular videos, curated playlists, and comprehensive charts for understanding trends and discovering rising talent.


Electric Family is a US-based merchandise company focused on providing high quality products and services, while creating a lasting positive impact within the electronic dance music community. While most merchandise companies focus primarily on the production and fulfillment of their product, they often lack the proper marketing channels for optimal distribution. Electric Family, however, has combined the tremendous and highly targeted media reach of The EDM Network & EDM.com with a lifestyle and apparel company based around creativity and individual expression. By encouraging an industry-wide movement for positive action and humanitarian concern, Electric Family and The EDM Network strive to ensure the continuity and well being of the music we all know and love, while consistently providing customers and clients with finely crafted and aesthetically pleasing merchandise.


The EDM Network consists of multiple genre/cause-specific platforms, all of which are operated by a team of carefully selected experts within each musical field. Each of these sites is curated autonomously, while also serving as vital component of The EDM Network as a whole. These platforms currently generate over a million plays per day for artists of all sizes and genres, across the world, and are used by many of the industries leading labels and talent agencies for the discovery of new and often unknown talent. DrumNBass.NET, Dubstep.NET, Electro.NET, GlitchHop.NET, HardDance.NET, House.NET, KeepDeep.NET, Moombahton.NET, TranceMusic.NET, TrapMusic.NET, TwerkMusic.NET, FutureGarage.NET, HipDashHop.com, Hazey.com, EDM.INFO

Social Networks

With a total social reach of over 2.5 Million, The EDM Network has established a powerful network of social channels to rival the most powerful music promotion networks in the industry. With a diverse array of offerings across all relevant forms of social media, The EDM Network has firmly established itself within all applicable digital marketing platforms.


Created using the same model established during the development of The EDM Network, HIPdashHOP is the first manifestation of our desire to unify digital music promotion under a single, comprehensive umbrella. The Cross-Over between Hip Hop and EDM is already underway, and HIPdashHOP is designed not only to provide powerful, professional promotion for Hip Hop artists, but also to spark creative ideas and encourage collaboration between seemingly disparate worlds.


PR Services

Let's face it, most PR services are based around three main things; mass industry mailing lists, targeted blog and publication outreach (primarily through pre-established connections established by the PR Firm), and, in the very best circumstances, creative marketing strategies that involve all of their available social media assets.

The EDM Network is by no means a conventional PR company, yes we do have mailings lists and blog contacts, but what makes us truly unique in the PR game is the tremendous array of incredibly powerful music-promotion platforms that we operate in-house, channels which have now surpassed 1,200,000 total subscribers, and generate over a million plays per day for artists in all genres of EDM and Hip-Hop around the globe.

Focused on sustainable accelerated growth and development for artists and brands, The EDM Network’s PR division offers a variety of comprehensive solutions that are both easy to monitor, and extremely effective. Rather than presenting our clients with a list of blogs and publications that have featured their work as the result of a press release or marketing campaign, artists are instead presented with a detailed report, that includes blogs features, but more importantly it contains an overall breakdown of plays, the level of active fan engagement, as well as channel growth; these are exactly the metrics that promoters (and labels) look at when appraising the potential value of a given artist. In our efforts to forever change and improve the music PR game, The EDM Network is dedicated to the constant evolution of our PR Services - over the next several months we will be rolling out a consistent stream of innovative and exciting services.. stay tuned!


With a vast reserve of knowledge and experience, as well as one of the most all-encompassing rolodexes in the industry, The EDM Network is perfectly placed to offer consulting services to professionals both within and outside EDM. Within electronic dance music, we can facilitate relationship building between producers and vocalists/MC's, artists and labels, artists and managers/agencies, as well as providing comprehensive user demographic data on individual artists for promoters looking to route tours and gauge regional interest in a particular act.

The EDM Network also offers a variety of consulting services geared specifically towards clients outside of EDM. Through the use of our extensive resources and established connections within dance music, we work to create invaluable opportunities for music professionals seeking to make inroads within the industry. We also offer industry-leading A&R services to major labels looking to put together official remix packages, as well as for labels and management seeking new and innovative production to pair with pop or hip-hop vocals. As EDM begins to flourish as a recognized and established genre within the ‘mainstream’, labels and artists are now looking to incorporate elements of EDM into an incredible wide variety of releases and musical projects - The EDM Network offers comprehensive consulting solutions for this, and nearly any other opportunity that may arise.

Artist Intelligence Agency

Massive data-processing initiative geared towards providing artists with exactly the information they need to make the right moves for their career. -- More TBA Q3 2014...


Boasting one of the single-largest and most comprehensive A&R operations in the world of Electronic Dance Music, The EDM Network is in constant contact (and is responsible for discovering) with many of the industries most talented, up-and-coming acts. Good Game Records focuses on comprehensive artist-development, licensing, and branding, as well as on creating powerful music marketing opportunities for the very finest selection of talent. Rather than creating a model structured around a high-volume release schedule, Good Game Records emphasizes creating a family of artists devoted to collaboration, innovation and forward-thinking production.

Further, all artists signed to Good Game Records will own a stake of the labels earnings, underpinning the familial business model and incentivizing constant growth and participation based on collaborative development. Finally, Good Game Records will emphasize establishing a steady flow of non-conventional revenue streams for both the artists and the label as a whole, an absolutely necessity as record-sales alone become an increasingly unreliable source of income.


A central hub for all things pertaining to Electronic Dance Music, The EDM Network maintains a singular goal of ‘evening the playing field’ for talented artists across the length and breadth EDM, and creating for them a means of generating revenue streams capable of sustaining their continued pursuit of music. One of the largest and most powerful platforms for independent music promotion in the world, The EDM Network generates over 1,000,000 plays per day for artists of all sizes and styles. With over a million loyal, active, and highly engaged subscribers (now growing at over 120,000 new followers per month), The EDM Network has the ability to curate the hottest new material for a massive international audience, allowing for a rapid acceleration of artist growth and development on a truly unprecedented scale.

However, The EDM Network is by no means limited to a mere music promotion platform; with long-standing working relationships with approximately 4,000 artists and over 100 respected and reputable labels, The EDM Network is perfectly positioned to act as one of the worlds premier A&R consulting platforms. With a team of highly specialized experts curating each of The EDM Network’s diverse, genre-specific networks (Dubstep.NET, House.NET, TrapMusic.NET, etc.), both the quality and quantity of music supported by The EDM Network has earned us the respect and recognition of many major-label A&R teams across all realms of the music industry.

Recognized for discovering dozens of highly successful touring acts long before they played their first live performance, The EDM Network is without a doubt one of the most comprehensive music promotion and discovery platforms online, the ideal destination for artists, fans, promoters, and all manner of industry professionals alike.



An all new method and technology for distributing music; eliminates the need for piracy and allows artists to generate significant revenue without any dependency on record sales.


An entirely new musical format, unlike anything currently existing and of incredible value to artists, labels, advertisers, and content publishers alike.

Industry-Leading Charts

One of a kind, deeply customizable charts that allow you the user to find exactly what types of trends they are looking for. Can be narrowed by size, popularity, genre, data sources, etc. Will make use of all available data from SoundCloud, YouTube, Beatport, Next Big Sound, Google Trends, Last.FM, BandsInTown, and a multitude of other highly important although seemingly obscure sources.

Artist Intelligence Agency

A portal where artists can log-in via their EDM.com 'artist account' and access the tremendous reserve of highly relevant and applicable data we collect (and analyze) both through the creation of our charts, and in the process of delivering and scrutinizing over 1,000,000 plays per day.


The EDM Network

At The EDM Network, we firmly believe that the community we refer to as EDM has inherent value far beyond just the creation and consumption of music. Long after the music stops, and the lights turn off, this movement has the potential to become an extraordinarily positive influence within our society. It is our mission, and the mission of our partners, to find ways to make bring about change - to make a profound difference in the lives of many, and to inspire others to do the same.

Electric Family

As our Exclusive Merchandise Partner, The EDM Network has made the mission behind the Electric Family brand one with our own. By partnering with artists (and the charity of their choice) to create a signature line of Artist-Branded charity bracelets, Electric Family champions a message of positive movement and change within the EDM community. This is done in such as way as to involve both artists, fans, and industry professionals alike - it gives artists the opportunity to use their brand to promote a charitable cause that they believe in, while offering their audience an opportunity to rep their favorite artist in a cool and fashionable way, while simultaneously contributing to a cause worth supporting. more info

Online Charity Events

As one of the largest online music promotion platforms, The EDM Network takes great pride in using our promotional power to support excellent charity events such as the recent 'Bass For Autism' Fundraiser. By teaming up with Mixify (an online 'concery' platform) and edmDistrict, the 'Bass For Autism' event created a expansive live space where fans could interact with their favorite artists, watch them perform, discuss the charitable benefits behind the event, and gather in support of a greater cause (in this case, over $2,600.00 were raised for Autism Research and Awareness). Fans and participants were encouraged to donate and support the charity throughout the event, and in return for their support, the most charitable attendees were given the opportunity to meet one-on-one with artists and members of The EDM Network and edmDistrict teams. more info

Charity Compilations

One of the foremost strengths of The EDM Network is our constant interaction and highly cultivated relationships with many of industries most talented and respected artists and labels. One of our foremost goals in the coming year is to start a series of 'Charity Compilation' that will be backed, promoted, and curated by The EDM Network and our partners. All proceeds raised from the sale of these compilations will be donated directly to the charity of choice, and the content of these compilations will be gathered and curated by the A&R team at The EDM Network. By pairing relevant charities with hot, in-demand talent, The EDM Network intends to create a recurring compilation series that will without a doubt show the world the tremendous potential for positive action within the EDM community. more info

// Partners & Relationships

Over the course of three years developing one of the most diverse and content rich music promotion platforms available, The EDM Network has established a vast range of close working relationships with nearly all artists, record labels, booking agencies, management firms, press outlets, promoters, and all manner of other industry professionals. With popular channels dedicated to nearly every segment of dance music, and a massive followers of over 2.5 million highly engaged EDM fans, The EDM Network has proved an invaluable resource throughout nearly every segment of the industry. The following are just some of the names our network has worked with over the last 3 years:


One of the largest and most successful independent labels in Electronic Dance Music, Monstercat prides itself on supporting an increasingly wide and eclectic variety of rising electronic artists from around the globe. With over 1.4 Million YouTube Subscribers, singles charting at #1 Worldwide on Beatport, and multiple albums hitting #1 on the iTunes' Dance charts in over 16 countries, Monstercat is proving that independent labels have the ability to reshape the music industry landscape.

Ministry of Sound

One of the most versatile and influential independent music brands in the world, Ministry of Sound has a vast network of international labels and venues that include dedicated offices in Australia, Germany, UK, and the United States. With a total of over 50 million dance albums and singles sold to date, and a string of award winning music videos from international icons such as Eric Prydz and Benny Benassi, Ministry of Sound continuously delivers some of the most celebrated compilation brands in the industry, and is widely recognized as an undisputed staple of the electronic music community world-wide.

Global Dance Music

Colorado's foremost independent promotion company for electronic dance music, Global Dance Music has been responsible for producing the biggest electronic music festivals in the Rocky Mountains for over a decade. With a variety of popular annual events such as Global Dance Festival, Caffeine Music Festival, Skylab, Hallowfreaknween, Trancegiving, and Decadence NYE (largest EDM New Years event in North America), as well as signature club-nights at Beta (#1 Nightclub in North America), Global Dance Music has put Colorado on the map as one of the biggest dance music markets in the US.

EDM District

The only EDM-specific YouTube Network, edmDistrict is designed to deliver label and artist's content directly into the hands of carefully selected industry tastemakers and promotional platforms. With over 500 channels partnered, 7M+ total subscribers, and over 60 Million total views per month, The edmDistrict is by far the single-largest independent electronic music network on YouTube, and yet remains entirely focused on maintaining strong relationships with each and every member of the network. Focused on both optimizing distribution, as well as accelerating artist growth and development, the edmDistrict is far and away the most ideal solution for artists and labels to expand their digital presence onto the YouTube Platform. Further, edmDistrict is home not only to many of the most talented artists and respected labels, it is also home to several of the most powerful and influential independent music promotion channels in the industry. - Infographic about edmDistrict

Major Channels Belonging to the edmDistrict:
YouTube.com/Monstercat (1.38 Million Subs)
YouTube.com/MrSuicideSheep (1.2 Million Subs)
YouTube.com/Proximity (529k Subs)
YouTube.com/TrapandBass (320k Subs)
YouTube.com/NoCopyrightSounds (390k Subs)
YouTube.com/GoingQuantum (385k Subs)
YouTube.com/TastyNetwork (280k Subs)


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